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Specifications Chart

Part# Model Finish Size Bolt Pattern Backspace Offset Bore Weight Load Lip Size Cap MSRP USD
M2412005F8+40 M241 CARINA ANTHRACITE & BRUSHED TINTED CLEAR 20X10.5 5X112 7.32 40mm 66.56 32.60 lbs 1800 0.00 39700-18LRT $142.00
M241200590+20 M241 CARINA ANTHRACITE & BRUSHED TINTED CLEAR 20X10.5 5X115 6.54 20mm 71.50 24.00 lbs 1800 0.00 39700-18LRT $142.00
M236200543+40 M236 CARINA MATTE MACHINED DOUBLE DARK TINT 20X10.5 5X112 7.32 40mm 66.56 50.99 lbs 1800 0.00 39700-18DT $489.00

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